Edierre is the leading Italian company in the production of push buttons, joysticks and components for video games, new slot machines and video lottery (VLT) and for all gaming and vending machines. Today Edierre products, such as led and stainless steel push buttons, are installed on the best machines for amusement arcades, bingo halls, bars and shops.


An indestructible small joystick made of black nylon was the first invention and the first EDIERRE product, back in 1982.
With this product, made with a revolutionary system that hooked it in the placeholder (registered as EDIERRE Patent), a new era in the video games accessories started.


All products are made of the best quality thermoplastic materials, so that the parts undergoing stress with usage are more resistant. The products are designed to ease the installation and the maintenance processes, so that they can be performed by all type of operators, from the videogames machine manufacturers to the amusement arcade managers.
The attention to quality continues by selecting the electrical and electronics components that meet the highest standards and are CE certified.
Finally, strength and durability are the trademarks that have been made EDIERRE one of the leading brands for video games accessories.


For all these reasons EDIERRE products have been copied many times, either in Italy or throughout the world, without reaching the quality standards of the originals though. Every product has the EDIERRE logo impressed on it.

This is a logo of exclusive property of EDIERRE II s.r.l., the only manufacturer and distributor of all the Edierre products.