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Edierre is the leading Italian company in the production of buttons, joysticks and components for video games, video slots and video lottery (VLT) and for all amusement machines and vending machines. Today Edierre products, such as LED and steel buttons, are installed on the best machines for amusement arcades, bingo halls, bars and shops.

our history

A small joystick in black nylon, practically indestructible. It is the first EDIERRE invention. It was 1982, with this product equipped with the revolutionary EDIERRE patented fastening system to the dashboard using a ring nut, a new era began in the arcade videogames sector.

Since then, the company’s engineering, also appreciated internationally, has created numerous innovative models equipped with other EDIERRE patents such as the card holder, the bayonet coupling system of the microswitch support to the button body and, today, adaptable illuminated buttons and customizable.


The products are made with first choice thermoplastic materials so that the parts most stressed during use can be more resistant.

They are designed with unprecedented attention aimed at simplifying installation and maintenance by the sector operator: videogame builder, rental or hall manager. The choice of quality continues with the electrical and electronic components which are only first choice and up to standard.

The search for reliability and sturdiness, right from the design phase, and the care in assembly complete the picture of the characteristics that have made EDIERRE products the reference quality standard in the sector.

For these reasons, EDIERRE products have been imitated in design and counterfeited countless times, in Italy and around the world, but without reaching the standard of reliability of the originals. Every single product bears the EDIERRE brand.

Logo Edierre

It is a brand owned exclusively by EDIERRE II s.r.l., the only creator, producer and distributor, also at an international level, of all EDIERRE brand products